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ND Tattoo Studio

ND Tattoo Studio is the premier Custom Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery established in 2007 in Indore. It is owned and run by professional tattooist ND with the intention of Providing the highest quality Tattoos and Body Piercing services. We've evolved more as a brand recognized by style than as a tattoo studio , pointing to those that prefer unique design (custom tattoo). We try to focus on quality custom tattoos, providing our clients with a sense of individuality. We are a fully licensed ...

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Hygienic and Safe

ND Tattoo Studio is highly experienced in tattoo art form and strictly adheres to International Safety and Hygiene standards and ensure hospital-grade sterilization throughout, as well as sterile single use equipment and needles and high quality imported inks.
To prevent cross contamination, all liquids, creams, inks and pigments are decanted into single use containers , and a single use applicator is used for each person undergoing the procedure (no double dipping). The premises and Treatment areas such as benches are kept clean and hygienic condition all time. Disposable gloves are worn by the tattooist during a tattoo procedure. All tattoo and piercing is performed using the latest industry standards.

World class inks we use

We use world class available inks for every tattoo procedure. Some of them are Bloodline & Skin Candy Tattoo Inks , Dynamic Tattoo Inks , Starbrite Inks , Eternal Inks , Radiant Colors Tattoo Inks , Intenze Tattoo Inks , Kuro Sumi Tattoo Inks etc.

Get ND Tattoo Studio's Franchise !!!
Now a days , the trend of servicing body tattoos , piercing & body art is at high peak in the never ending beauty industry. When you're in the artistic world , everything becomes more open and accepting , so taking a tattoo , piercing & body art studio franchise is a profitable option.
meet our Artist
ND Tattoo Studio is made up of renowned tattoo experts with their own styles .
Our artists are funny and friendly but they also take their profession seriously and they are more than happy to point you in the direction of the artist we feel would do best with your tattoo design. To master any art one has to practice a lot and the same goes for tattooing. For them tattoos are the impression of the soul. And doing a tattoo on someone is a big responsibility because it gives that person a different identity. So it should be precise and definite...

Our tattoo artists and body piercers have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that your body art experience will be the best one possible; and you'll find them to be altogether accommodating. With their particular techniques they can make any tattoo on your body. Regardless of what you want in black / grey or color tattoo ! They are master of all styles of tattooing , from freehand work to portraits , new tattoos to cover ups and anything in between. They love to laugh and joke while tattooing , They believe it makes you as the client relax and you can really enjoy the experience of getting tattooed.
If you are interested in getting tattooed by any of them , feel free to contact them to discuss your ideas.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo & Piercing !!!
The decision to get a tattoo is a big one - particularly if it's your first; you might have questions about selecting tattoo designs , finding just the right artist , and more. Here are some FAQs designed to help you through the process and make the decision that's right for you.

Contact Us

ND Tattoo Studio
Contact Person : Nitin Dev
Shop No. Lg-27 , Behind VIP Bags, Basement
Mangal City Mall , Vijay Nagar ,
Indore-452001 ( Madhya Pradesh ) India.
Contact No: +91 - 96699 - 99918
                      ( 0731 ) 4281580

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Feedback / Inquiry
To set up an appointment with one of our artists , feel free to call us at +91-96699-99918 , Mail us or stop by our studio to discuss your ideas.